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a free and simple app to make sure your website is working properly

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Port Monitor is an online tool to monitor websites, services and hosts.

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Published 1 Mar 2013

It's often the simple things that get overlooked when creating a website. You have put your heart and soul into designing your site and have made  sure that it is interesting enough to entertain and inform your viewers. But, none of that is going to be worth much if your site has downtime. With many sites now being completely monetized it is an unfortunate fact that if you aren't online, for one reason or another, you are actually losing money. So it's essential that the final piece of your website creation puzzle is to use a monitor that tells you if there is a problem. We have reviewed many excellent website monitoring apps  like Status Cake, Dominder and Appfall over the last few months and Port Monitor looks likely to join them. This free 'software as a service' application can monitor all your sites and let you know as soon as your site goes offline.
Port Monitor is an online tool for web developers and system administrators that is designed to monitor your websites, services and hosts. This simple and free set of online tools was developed on the Ruby on Rails framework and  requires no installation or software download. It was developed specifically as a user-friendly yet fully effective way to ensure that your site is live at all times. It delivers you both email and SMS notifications when any downtime is detected along with detailed error-logging including response time and uptime reports. You can...