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The cryptocurrency market is notoriously volatile. It can make huge moves in an hour or less. If ... More

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Published 2 Jul 2021

Is there a bigger enigma in this crazy world of ours than cryptocurrency? There are very few that seem to have grasped the concept of it yet but the ones that do seem to be making a fortune if you believe what you read in the papers. Even more so than regular money markets, cryptocurrency appears to be extremely volatile and things can change in a millisecond - especially if Elon Musk comes out and makes a bizarre comment about it. If you aren't on the ball, you can lose thousands between the time you go to bed and the time you get up. 

Because the stakes are so high, traders can spend hours every day with their eyes on the crypto market looking for signs of an upcoming crash or a spike so that they can work out whether to buy, sell or wait it out but it's a dangerous game to play if you're not attentive enough. Bitcoin, for example, began its life back in 2009 when the mysterious developer Satoshi Nakamoto came up with the concept. It's first major hiccup came in February 2014 when the world's largest bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, declared bankruptcy. The company stated that it had lost nearly $473 million of their customers' bitcoins likely due to theft. Since then, a number of other cryptocurrencies have emerged but each has proved as volatile as the rest with prices bouncing up and down like a roller coaster. In early...