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Published 2 Jul 2021

[cont'd] market or simply sit on the fence and count your profits.

Portfolio Insight is ridiculously easy and convenient to use. Simply sign up and you'll start getting notifications sent to your device straight away and 24/7 in real time. The app makes it an awful lot easier for newer traders to get involved in the market and compete with the more experienced ones who are familiar with the traditional way of reading and understanding data. However, it will save all crypto traders a heck of a lot of time, energy and money because they won't have to spend half their day studying the markets as the app will do much of the work for them. Portfolio Insight levels the playing field between the large trading firms and the average trader by giving access to much of the same information at a very affordable price. The app is currently in alpha stage and is allowing a limited number of traders to get full access. If you're quick, you too could reap the benefits.