Developer description

I would like to introduce our start up which will be of very useful to start ups to host open source customer support software(With out any copy right logo).
While many websites today offer text chat facility for users to understand and buy products from website. With rise in internet speeds and availability of browser based video streaming technology like WEBRTC has gained lot of prominence in providing voice and video chat facility from browsers independent of plugins like flash.

I would like to highlight the prominence of browser based video chat facility for different kind of websites and why this is better than text chat.

eCommerce websites:

Many eCommerce websites today offer text chat facility to the users with rise in eCommerce sales it is very important to convince the customer at point of sale as he always have alternatives to buy from other store.
Points to be considered for eCommerce sites

1. Build trust factor by showing face
2. Give optimum information to customer on product and offer(live product demo is also possible)
3. Reduce telecom costs
4. Making customer buy immidiately
5. Reduce shopping cart abandonment by placing chat icon in exit pages making customer to rethink on buying.
6. generally Old adage customers are confused while buying online video chat will help them buy more easily.
7. Cash on delivery orders can be immediately booked through customer care making a quick sale with out use of credit card.

Travel websites

1. By creating a personal travel assist program linked to video chat enables customers feel better to book travel arrangement through assistant with out taking any stress.
2. customer care can just send invoice and link to buy directly from payment gateway
3. Can also assist during cancellations and change in schedules.

Banking and Insurance

These days making any one buy insurance or financial products is through web portal as trust factor would be missing this being completely virtual. By Using Video chat sale pitch can be delivered properly and point of sales can be made easy. This also generates lot of leads for follow ups if sales does not happen.


Having a website for hotel and making customer book rooms for them directly can be of great help for customers.

Lead Generation websites

Many websites today just do advertising to get maximum leads for sales process. By having video chat option in their website enables them to get maximum leads as customer would like to give a try and see how this works.

Product Demonstration and customer service

When ever there is a issue with product many users today call helpline given by company and try to reach customer care to explain the technical issue they are facing with product or they are not sure how to use the product.
With Video chat facility customer care can give them a live demo on how to use and what do in case of problem in real time helping the customer. The same when done over phone can take lot of time as customer or agent may not be able to explain the real problem.

These are very few areas where customer video support has high prominence. while this facility by default can be provided to any website for better user engagement.

Last updated 7 Jul 2013