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Posing App is a cheat sheet for photographers and models with a variety of poses to choose from ... More

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Published 4 Feb 2012

It's pretty difficult to take a truly bad photograph using a digital camera. However, there are plenty of other things you can do to make your pictures extra special. For me, framing is one of the most important things to get right. Then there's the posing of your model. Posing App is a free photo learning application for your iOS that gives you 140 great people poses to make your subject more interesting and your photos more professional looking.
Posing App is the ultimate simple posing reference for photographers and models with a variety of poses to choose from for any shooting scenario. The poses are divided into several categories and you can view each pose in a clear hand drawn illustration. Posing App includes a variety of posing categories including ones specifically for children, couples, portraits, women, men, groups and weddings. In total 140 carefully selected poses are presented and each pose comes with additional tips or comments and can be added to favorites for easy access later. There are a number of posing applications on the market but this Posing App is different. What you usually see in other posing references are real photos. In Posing App, however, all poses are presented as expressive hand drawn illustrations. In addition, a collection of tips & tricks by professional photographers is compiled for easy reference. Topics include: "Basics of People Photography", "Face Expressions", "Head, Hand and Leg Positioning", "Accentuating Different Body Parts", "Composition and Equipment Advice for Photographers".
If you've looked at you portrait photos and been underwhelmed with the results then it might be time to fine tune your skills. Posing App is a rather cool iOS application collection of photographic poses that can be used both as guidance and creative source for taking beautiful and outstanding photos! It shows you how to pose your subject to get more interesting, engaging, artistic and creative portraits. With your mobile phone always at your side it's easy to refer to while snapping away. Posing App will take your photographic skills to a new level.

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