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Positionly is aimed to be user friendly, and easy to use SEO monitoring solution, which makes ... More

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Published 25 Mar 2013

The whole purpose of an analytics application like Positionly is to improve the outcome of your search engine optimization. The end result being a possible improvement in a website's SEO ranking. This iOS app provides a whole set of powerful tracking and flexible tools to analyze daily changes, measure keyword performance and generally improve rankings. It is a cost effective and simple to use answer to SEO analytics that works in real-time.
Positionly is a user-friendly and easy to use SEO monitoring solution, making what could be a complex process, into a much more efficient and enjoyable experience. It provides all an-encompassing set of tracking tools to analyze the all-important date you need to see. This cost-effective SEO tool tracks, analyzes and aims to  improve your website's rank in search engines. It features every tracking tool you need and is designed to keep you focused on the big picture. The app makes it easy to track, manage and identify the most optimal search phrases and grouping, importing, testing and comparing keywords are just a few things you can do. If you're not sure which keywords are best, you can quickly compare them and see how frequently they are used. View your Google Analytics data within Positionly and condense everything into a single report so now there is no need to constantly switch back-and-forth. Check your monthly visits and daily trends based on your keywords and never miss anything again. Positionly is the most powerful and flexible way to slice and dice your data - and it does it fast and in real time.
The bottom line for most websites is to improve their search engine rankings In order to encourage more traffic and more business and Positionly is definitely one of the easiest ways to track the results of all the hard work you've put in over the days and months. The app is simple to use and is packed with the essential tools to measure how well your keyword performance is coming along and to see if the changes you make really does make a difference to incoming traffic. It features a simple and very usable interface with all the information you need available at a glance.

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