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A win for publishers and their audiences. Po.st is the only social sharing platform that ... More

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Published 23 Dec 2011

I always wondered how publishers reclaimed monetary compensation when content on their site is copied. Up until now the answer to that has been "with great difficulty and an awful lot of trust." However, with the introduction of this social sharing and analytical site, there is now an opportunity for publishers to track when their content is copied and also provides a tool that includes a link back to your site when it is pasted.
Po.st is a win for both the publisher and their audience.  Unlike alternatives like ShareThis and AddThis, Po.st is the only social sharing platform that provides publishers with revenue opportunities and comprehensive analytics tools designed to drive higher engagement and user acquisition. What's more, In addition to integrating a full suite of social sharing extensions, Po.st has built in a proprietary copy and paste function as well as a customized URL shortener which  is baked into the widget to ensure publishers can track virality all within a single dashboard. The copy and paste functionality allows publishers to track when their content is copied and include a link-back when the copy is pasted. Po.st is designed to seamlessly link to RadiumOne's ShareGraph technology and offer publishers greater value for the advertising inventory on their site. This technology leverages social sharing data to provide un-matched targeting for advertisers.
Amazingly enough, Po.st fills a gap in the market very nicely. Its hard to believe that, up until now, there have been very few ways of ensuring your website contents are compensated accurately. Po.st not only does this but also adds a link to the posted content as well as providing an array of analytical tools to keep track of your important data. The bottom line here is that Po.st makes it easy and automatic to be recompensed for your work. It's an easy site to navigate and use and it's totally free to use.

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