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Postano allows brands to harness social engagement by aggregating, syndicating and integrating ... More

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Published 3 Sep 2012

It never ceases to amaze and amuse me when I still see what I consider to be intelligent people belittling and refusing to get involved in social media. I hate to tell you this but it isnt going away in the near future. In fact, as more people realize the promotional and advertising potential of Facebook and Twitter etc, the more prominent and essential they will become in our brand promotion and publicity. And that's where Postano comes in very useful by automatically aggregating relevant social content across all your social networks and displaying them on your own website, on Facebook or even at the live event you are hosting.
Postano allows brands to harness social engagement by aggregating, syndicating and integrating social media content automatically. It automatically aggregates relevant social media content and allows you to easily integrate and display it on your website, Facebook or maybe even at your live event. Postano allows you to aggregate feeds from all the major social networks and, if a source isn’t directly supported by the platform, it can be pulled in via an RSS feed. Once you’ve decided which sources of content streams to include you can further filter and curate any of that content.  When adding hashtags from sources like Instagram and Twitter you can choose to moderate posts before they go live as well as aggregating feeds from all the major social networks. You can also pin posts to the top of the Postano for a designated time period and filter posts to include only rich media updates with videos, photos and links. You can also block or delete individual posts or users. Visually driven content has been proven to increase your viewers' time on site and encourages a deeper engagement from your community. Postano presents your content in a visually compelling and brand-right format that encourages higher rates of shares, more time spent on your website and an increased numbers of fans and followers.
There is no doubt that the social media phenomena is moving at a ridiculous speed and now is the time to saddle up, harness its power and get on board. With literally thousands of posts going live every second you need something to help you sort out relevant material from the rest and Postano certainly does that by aggregating your specific content and delivering it in one easy to read place. There are so many ways of displaying your aggregated material. You can basically embed it anywhere you like whether it be full page, side bar, widget, Facebook tab, campaign website or via an internal dashboard. If you take your social media monitoring seriously it might be the right time to get another step ahead of the opposition by locking into this cost effective way of getting a leg up over the opposition.

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