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Make professional posters, banners, flyers and other marketing assets in seconds. Advertise services, events, businessess and yourself with digital assets.

From the home page, users are one click away from powerful templates that accelerate the creation of posters, flyers and other marketing assets for businesses, events, celebrations and announcements in a diverse group of areas. Some examples:

Users can create digital posters, flyers and other marketing assets in any format and proportion, re-edit their designs unlimited times, use the tool across devices, from a desktop to a tablet and beyond, all without having to install anything as the tool works 100% on the cloud.

The new version can generate and export images with top quality and resolution, saving the designs as jpeg images and producing as well montages that integrate the designs with popular locations like a cinema, a gallery or a stack of magazines.

Users can choose from a wide selection of fonts and vectorial shapes to customize their designs, and Posterini’s set of editing tools allows them to manipulate each element of the project in a variety of useful ways.

Posterini can be used for free with a reduced set of features and limited quality. Premium packages include professional and business options, which can be purchased as monthly subscriptions or with a one off single payment (for a day, a week, 3 and 6 months).

Business, the most advanced Posterini plan, expands Posterini’s capabilities with brainstorming and remote collaboration. The brainstorming feature is powered by hundreds of thousands of data elements and it helps accelerate ideation processes. Remote collaboration allows multiple users to work together in real time on the same design.

In parallel, Posterini showcases a wall platform where public designs selected by Posterini editors can be explored. Selected designs get their own url where people can post comments as well.

Every day users from around the world use posterini to create marketing assets like business cards and deals, movie posters, business opening announcements, party and event flyers, baby shower and wedding invitations, romantic and special occasion cards, surprise designs, theater play tickets, and so many others.

Last updated 30 Mar 2014

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