Developer description

Postly is designed with a focus on simplicity, privacy and speed. It’s a new and more personal social network that lets you share content, life moments, music, photos, links or anything that is on your mind with your friends in a simplified social graph. Social networking should be about friends, not endless news feeds.

How is Postly different?

-IT'S YOUR SOCIAL LIFE, SIMPLIFIED: With Postly, sharing is simple and easy. You choose what friends and groups to share with when you make a new post.

- CONTENT IS KING: Share your story with text, links, photos, videos, music, or even location. We make it big and bold and don’t distract you.

- GROUPS THAT YOU CARE ABOUT: Create private groups for your family, friends, and interests. Postly makes it easy to share meaningful content, WITHOUT spamming everyone in your social network.

- NO LIKES. NO CROWDED NEWS FEEDS!: Trust us… you won’t miss either of them :P

- SHARE, COMMENT AND REPOST: Share unique content, comment on interesting topics and repost your favorite ones (if allowed).

Last updated 3 Oct 2015