Developer description

Postwaves is a new type of social network that harnesses the collective intelligence of its community. Its members work as a team to make decisions based on merit alone, eliminating excessive content and biases and allowing everyone to enjoy the best of the Internet. Between tweets, articles, videos and photos, there are more than 500 million pieces of content posted every day on the Internet.
As you may have experienced, most of them are worthless, biased, or pushed by clever marketing techniques. With this in mind, imagine a simple system that filters the top 10 most interesting and unbiased pieces of content that match a reader’s interest. And, imagine a system in which a content producer can easily bypass Internet noise and be judged only on the quality of their content without first becoming a social network expert. The current “voting on content” systems are a bit broken. They rely heavily on a small group of moderators to curate content, which leaves too much power in the hands of few. In addition, these systems make it very easy to artificially influence the ranking of content by asking friends and paid voters to promote one’s submissions.
The end result is biased ranking and neglected quality content. Postwaves introduces a unique and anonymous voting scheme that weeds out poor content before it ever reaches the whole community, and completely eliminates the possibility of bias or gaming the system.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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