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The QWERTY keyboard system is 150 years old and it could be time to improve it

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Pouces is a new input method for touchscreen. It combines the use of taps and swipes to allow ... More

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Published 5 Mar 2021

Now here's an app that might take a little while to get our heads around but stick with me people because it could change your life. Check out your keyboard. Can you see any rhyme or reason why the letters are set out the way that they are? It's known as the QWERTY keyboard because, as you'll notice up in the top left hand corner, they are the first six letters of the set. It was originally designed for Latin-script alphabets back in 1873 for the Sholes and Gidden typewriter before being sold to Remington and Sons. It was so complicated that people had to go to typewriter school to learn it. If you search on the net you'll see photos of huge rooms of (mostly) women tapping away in unison and learning how to type with all fingers. 

These days next to no one goes to typewriter school. I'd be surprised if you could even buy a typewriter and most of our typing takes place on the touchscreen keyboards on our mobile devices. In fact, we tend to have adapted our typing method to the use of two or three fingers (or even thumbs) on each hand but QWERTY remains. But, what if we got it wrong and there are easier ways of using the keyboard? So, here is an app that will take some getting used to but it could well turn out to be the thing that changes the way that...