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The QWERTY keyboard system is 150 years old and it could be time to improve it

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Published 5 Mar 2021

[cont'd] we type. Pouces is a new iOS keyboard input app for touchscreen that operates in a much more logical way.

Pouces is an alternative keyboard that combines the use of taps and swipes to let you type faster, more efficiently and more fluently on your device. It does this by interacting with much larger surface areas than a virtual keyboard usually offers. However, you are going to need some patience to learn and understand how it works because it's unlike any keyboard that you've used before so.  in order to be efficient with this method of typing, you'll have to invest some time into learning the layout of the characters but there is a definite learning curve to the art of mastering Pouces.

Pouces splits your keyboard area into six zones and there's a vowel in the middle of each zone. Tap in the relevant zone and just swipe in the direction of the letter you want to input. Not big swipes - just small ones. Yes, I know that this sounds a bit complicated but it's a learned motion. Once you get used to it, it will all make sense. Once you get the hang of it you'll be inputting text without even bothering to look at the screen and this motion allows you to watch the text rather than the keyboard. You'll get fast access to numbers, accented characters, capital letters and the replacement of text. In fact, all...