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An easily searchable database to find the Bible's most relevant passages

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Published 7 Dec 2015

[cont'd] relevant to modern day daily life.

Power Passage's powerful search engine hunts out relevant passages which have already been pre-tagged with keywords by other users and submitted to the database directly through the app. The team then review the tagged and submitted passages before inserting them into the database so they are freely available to all users. While there are already thousands of tags in the database, the team actively encourages contributions from users to increase the size of the database. If you have a favorite passage but can't find a suitable keyword to fit it, you can simply request that a new keyword be added. This provides an ever-growing supply of scripture passages that are just right for every occasion. There are certain modern day 'first world' problems, of course, that didn't really exist back when the Bible was written but Power Passage addresses these by linking them to similar keywords that DO have passages tagged to them. This expands the database to even greater levels.

The app is fully functional in both the English and Spanish languages. The English language version draws its passages from the World English Bible, King James' Version and the American Standard Version while the Spanish version is drawn from Reina-Valera Antigua. Power Passage doesn't claim to be a complete reference vehicle for the Bible. Neither does it attempt to capture all the facts and events that are featured in the book. What it does do though, is...