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An easily searchable database to find the Bible's most relevant passages

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Published 7 Dec 2015

[cont'd] to make it really easy to find passages that have been tagged by others that inspire, encourage, guide and help in the difficult situations that we all go through.

Power Passage was developed at HEW Ministry Software with the express aim of helping others. But it doesn't just do that by providing a database of Bible passages to help people through difficult times. A portion of the app's US$7.99 purchase price is distributed to efficient and fiscally responsible religious organizations and charities that provide assistance to people all around the world and who are in dire need of help - like victims of natural disasters, for example. So the next time you are in need of a little spiritual guidance but have no idea where to look for the right words, think about Power Passage. It's the easiest way to search for the passage that can soothe your soul.