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PowerSketch is a fascinating yet easy-to-use app that brings out the Picasso in you. 10+ ... More

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Published 16 May 2012

Let me just lay it on the line here. I love a good photo application. Judging by the number of photo apps available these days and the massive popularity of apps like Instagram, Photo Toaster, Jazz and Hipstamatic, the rest of the world loves them too. Powersketch is a little gem of a photo and video editor developed by the people who gave us Powercam, which FeedMyApp reviewed recently. It provides some very cool and unique special effects for photos and videos that will make your friends sit up and take notice.
The PowerSketch app allows you to apply amazing artists sketch effects to existing images in the iDevice camera roll. It creates sketch works of art from images captured by the app, from the Camera Roll or from a PowerCam/ PowerSketch image gallery. With cool sketch effects including picture-in-picture (PiP), rice paper, shadow, comic, neon, poster, washout among others it gives users a unique palate of sketch effects that can transform ordinary photos (or videos) into works of art.  Anyone who has ever appreciated an artist's sketch on a piece of paper will be thrilled they can now apply this creative effect on images taken by their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad2 or the New iPad.  It can also take images using the forward-facing camera (if equipped) for capturing that perfect self-portrait and creating a sketch from it. PowerSketch is an ideal companion to PowerCam, the super-popular photography app which has accumulated more than 15 Million downloads since its introduction in December 2011.  PowerCam's critical success is due to its unique filters which can be previewed live before taking the shot and are applied to still images & video instantly. So, no more photo-shopping after the fact.  PowerCam and PowerSketch both offer instant sharing of images & video on popular sharing & social sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr and others.
One of the great things about Powersketch is that it has such a rich array of effects available to suitably warp your photos and videos - many of which I haven't seen in a photo share app before. The interface is cutting edge and easy to master and, once you have created your masterpiece, you can share it and amaze your friends on your favorite social networking site. While some of the apps I mentioned earlier have taken off big time I have to admit that the two I will use most are this one and Photo Toaster. As the app's byline proclaims - turn life's precious moments into artistic sketches in seconds.

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