Developer description

Pranadigma is the first and only APP that contributes to boost health and wellness through color therapy in a subliminal and effortless manner.

This effortless solution is based on Hindu wisdom that claims that the human body has 7 energy centers called Chakras that receive, transform and distribute our vital energy.
Each Chakra relates to a particular harmonizing color. Equally, Pranadigma uses color vibrations to help people rebalance their own energy.

Pranadigma can be programmed to heal or boost specific personal qualities, treats or talents.

Pranadigma is user friendly. Download the APP and select Heal or Boost from the Start Menu. Each option has a specific light wavelength with a particular color applied that has the capabilities to heal or boost qualities, treats or talents.

This APP can be downloaded to any computer or mobile device. It saves battery life and does not impact the performance of your device in any way. APP users can use their devices as usual because Pranadigma does not interfere with the operation of any other applications.

Pranadigma produces light beams invisible to the naked eye for adjustable periods of time - hours, days or weeks -. The on/off repetition of these color beams at precise wavelengths and contrasts leaves a “trace of light” on the unconscious that produces the desired healing or boosting effect.

In this context, when we say unconscious we allude to the scientific theory about the impact that subliminal messages make on the mind and this theory is perfect to explain how Pranadigma works. The subliminal messages theory is based on the fact that we perceive stimuli at two levels: one at a superficial or conscious level and another one at a deeper or unconscious level. The latter are the stimuli perceived below the normal threshold of awareness and are considered “subliminal” messages.

Pranadigma triggers visual stimuli in the shape of color pulses that are not seen by the naked eye. In other words, the healing or boosting color message is not consciously perceived by the APP user. Science has demonstrated that subliminal visual stimuli activate regions of the brain. The regions activated as a result of stimuli are the amygdala, the hippocampus, the anterior cingulate, the insular cortex and the primary visual cortex.

Light is a stimulus. The light pulses produced by Pranadigma are visual stimuli. A new question is then posed: How does that external information reach the brain? Science has not yet been able to give a comprehensive explanation about how the physical human eye works but a possible answer is that the pineal gland connects the external world and the subconscious. This gland is photosensitive and its primary role is to produce melatonin, a hormone that is significant in several body functions, particularly in the quality and quantity of sleep or circadian rhythms.

Last updated 27 Dec 2017

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