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Predator Digital Clock is a clock based on the language of the aliens from the famous "Predator" movies.

Wake up to growling noises, and decrypt the predator language in order to tell the time!

If you’ve ever wanted to have something that looked like what you saw in an action movie, then this app is for you! You will discover a totally different way of reading the time! Have fun with your friends!

Let see what some of our fans say about this app!

★★★★★ "Just awesome.", Talyn0975

★★★★★ "If your a predator fan, this is a cool clock to have up on your sleep screen", Vincent

★★★★★ "This is an awesome app for any Predator fans out there you'll love it trust me!", TeddyQuanty

★★★★★ "Why have a boring old clock and timer when you can have this! I used to have trouble waking up, but now with the Predator growling alarm, I'm up like shot .", Seth

✦ Some of the nice features of the app: ✦

✓ Time in 12/24h format

✓ Display the seconds

✓ Display the date

✓ Display the day of the week

✓ Stopwatch mode

✓ Create a timer with a changing beep sound when you get closer to the end, like what you see in the movies (look at the end of the first Predator movie)

✓ Create as many alarms as you want; a Predator scream will wake you up! Or you can choose random musics from your device

✓ Change the color of the clock and buttons

✓ Change the luminosity of the screen

✓✓✓ Three sets of symbols are available (easy, hard and extreme). The extreme mode is by far the best as all the symbols will randomly change every second! Let see if you can decrypt the time!

❢ Help us make this app better and funnier by submitting us your thoughts and ideas! ❢ -

Last updated 17 Aug 2013

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