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Keep your body fit and healthy and avoid diabetes

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Published 8 Dec 2016

[cont'd] which focuses on easily digested foods to put your metabolism and digestive system at rest. Dietary transformation is up next where you'll receive personalized menus to fit your nutritional needs and food preferences. This includes advice on certain foods that should probably be cut from your daily diet. These include cheese, bread, wine and beer. Finally, there's a lifestyle maintenance component that helps you maintain momentum and keep you on the path toward a healthy lifestyle.

Data is collected through your connected device to make your journey to better health a seamless and simple one - making it easier for you to stay on track. All you have to do is to add your own personalised and customized gourmet diet plan and an effective exercise plan and you have a 100% mobile solution to help you to continue to live a healthy life. You’ll have wireless data smart technology at your fingertips, keeping you on track and ahead of type 2 diabetes. You'll also have a pedometer to track your daily activity, a glucometer to monitor your blood sugar level and an impedancemeter scale to record your body transformation.

You can use Prediabaid as the control center for the new you. The app combines data science and app technology to give you daily support every step of the way. Your activities are synced and analyzed by experts in the field to provide you with customized guidance to achieve your health goals. As soon as you interact...