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Compete on a level playing field with big business using this AI predictive data app

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Published 4 Apr 2019

It's always been an uphill struggle for smaller businesses to compete on a level playground with the big guys - especially when it comes to technology. Big business has the money to hire a team of highly credentialed experts whereas the small guys struggle to find and pay one person with the knowledge, experience and the expertise that's needed to bridge the gap. So, it's refreshing when an app comes along that gives smaller sized businesses the opportunity to garner the same technology as their 'big brothers.'

PredictiveDate is a new app for iOS that gives any sized company complete access to artificial intelligence without the need to hire a high priced, Harvard educated whizz kid. To quote the app's advertising blurb:  'It’s easy to create fast, high-performance machine learning models and predictions. It works by using your data, applying cutting-edge automated machine learning, and then creates useful predictions.' So, I hear you saying, what does that all mean?

Well, predictive analytics uses a variety of statistical techniques that analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about future or unknown events and identifies the risks and opportunities that may result from any action that could be taken. Machine learning is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that are used to perform a specific task without human input by simply relying on patterns and inference. Phew, that was complicated, wasn't it! Basically, what that all means is that this very easy to...