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Compete on a level playing field with big business using this AI predictive data app

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Published 4 Apr 2019

[cont'd] use business tool can be used by anyone who can use a spreadsheet and they can create machine learning models on their mobile phone without having to hire Mr or Mrs Harvard.

Just log in with your Google account and you can share your data to create a model from the fast and secure Google Drive using just 4 simple and convenient steps. PredictiveData's state of the art automated machine learning does the rest. They even provide a variable importance chart to help you better understand the data you receive. So, this excellent app gives every business access to the benefits of AI technology which would previously only be available to experts like data scientists. It provides companies of all sizes with the same competitive edge to give them a better chance of competing with larger sized companies and making a more profitable business whilst keeping staffing the same. Effectively, this app turns into your data scientist.

PredictiveData offers effective prediction models all from your iOS device using 4 simple steps. Once you've joined up and have worked out which data to analyze you can use the walk- through guide to save your files to Google Drive as XLS, CSV, of Sheets" then you just select the data to create a model and select which column you wish to predict and target. The app will do the rest and save your results in Google Drive. Simple. There are both free and premium pricing plans available...