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Published 8 Jan 2012

While it's one thing for a speaker to connect with their audience during a presentation it's more than essential to follow up your fine work with further contact. As it stands at the moment, the onus is on you to physically collect information on your audience there and then or to rely on them getting in touch with you later. Not the most ideal situation. PresentNow is a presentation application that let's the speaker make new connections with their avid audience by collecting their contact information using smart phones.
People who attend your presentations and request more information are highly qualified opportunities. If you're selling a product or service they represent potential new customers. If you are promoting a charity they are your potential donors. Present Now makes it easy for interested audience members to contact you so that you don't miss out on these opportunities. Present Now lets you instantly gather contact information from your audience. At the end of your presentation you provide a Present Now code that let’s your audience register to receive additional information. You’ll be collecting contact information before you know it. The benefits of PresentNow are obvious. It enables you to generate more qualified leads and, consequently, increase the potential return on income of any speaking event. You get to understand the topics that interest your audience the most as well as reducing the costs of customer acquisition. Interested audience members provide their email address when requesting more information. This let's you contact them with specific offers such as signing up for your newsletters or receiving special promotions. Best of all these people have opted-in to contact you so they represent a highly-qualified contact that wants to hear from you. Where PresentNow will be of immense use will be at trade shows where you can immediately gather email addresses of potential customers to supply further information later. It also makes it very easy for them to contact you. If you are just starting up a business and have only a small marketing budget PresentNow optimizes your ability to make every contact count and ensuring that you follow up promptly later.
PresentNow is a cost effective way of making sure everyone of your business leads is noted and followed up. It's a fair bet that everyone who views your presentations will have some sort of a smart phone and you know how they like to use those things. Let's face it, you've already done all the hard work by getting them to listen to your spiel in the first place. Now it's time to cash in with the follow up. No more note pads and pens that don't work. By inserting your personal code into the mobile website you and your audience are immediately locked in. There are a number of pricing plans from the single user through to more significant organizations but you can try it freeform 30 days free if you are quick.


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