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Published 23 Aug 2012

[cont'd] own PowerPoint presentations from the comfort of your home or office and without the need to even have an Internet connection while recording. Justdownload and install on your computer, load your PowerPoint presentation, record your show, upload your video file and share real video presentations with others.
There is a free version and a paid version of PresentationTube for you to choose from. The free version basically gives you 15 minutes of video time and is licensed only for home or personal use while the paid version gives you free reign to do whatever you want with full audio and video controls. Purchasing the full version includes a life-time software license, 1 year free upgrade, 24/7 technical support, uploading unlimited number of video presentations, with unlimited video storage space and delivery. One of PresentationTube's most endearing qualities is its simplicity of use - believe me, it would be hard to screw up. And if you are a potential viewer you can easily earch the submitted videos for content to use in lectures and see how diverse the selection is. It's easy to see how this one became pretty popular.