Developer description

Man, PowerPoint sucks.

At Presentista, we've always felt that PowerPoint is obsolete and, frankly, a bore that for some reason still remains prevalent in business meetings and student classrooms. Generally, your pockets have to run pretty deep to hire someone with a design expertise to make your presentations stand out.

At Presentista, we're working on creating some cool tools accessible to the average person for them to spice up their presentations. If you check out our site, you'll see that you can make your presentations stand out with our infinite canvas; just lay out your content (you can even integrate Youtube videos or Flickr images straight from the application!) and make it shine with some of our sweet looking zooming transitions. We're working on adding some even cooler features in the near future so be sure to check back frequently.

We're confident we'll be the go-to application for people interested in breaking free from the binding chains of PowerPoint.

Last updated 30 Jun 2012

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