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Published 21 Aug 2012

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I have to admit that, despite my love of reading a paper newspaper, my news gathering these days is a combination of online newspapers and  tv news programs as well as the trusty old daily paper. However, I accept that the days of newspapers as we know them are numbered. I'm more than happy to move over to an online version assuming the quality of the writing is as good. And that's where PressReader will be a dream for a news junkie like myself. It's a breeze to use and it looks fantastic - hey, everything looks pretty fantastic on the iPad, doesn't it? I can pick and choose my newspapers for under a buck a shot and I get a choice of thousands of them from everywhere from San Francisco to Ireland with a whole bunch of specialist mags in the mix, too. Hey, if nothing else, it will at least mean that I'm not at the mercy of the Murdoch press anymore.