Developer description

So you want to purchase a product and you know where you want to buy it from and you want to get it for the best price because you know online stores are always changing their prices.

Let the Price Spy app do the work for you.

Unlike price comparison tools, Price Spy is the only app of its kind to allow it’s user to monitor the price of any product from any online retailer’s website. The product you want to purchase might not be listed on a price comparison site or you might be choosy about the stores you want to purchase that product from.

This is where the Price Spy app steps in.

Simply launch the app and enter the URL to the page containing the product you want to monitor. Alternatively enter the name of a product to search for and navigate to an online retailer’s product listing using the app’s embedded web browser. Once at a product page, press the spy button and details of the product will be extracted from the page and displayed to you. From now on that page will be monitored and the Price Spy app will notify you when the price changes.

Once a spy has been created the app will recommend other online retailers listing that product or similar products that you may also wish to spy on.

Please take a look at our YouTube video “Monster Slippers” (link below) to see Price Spy in action.

Last updated 10 Jan 2016

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