Developer description

Don't waste your time going to different price comparison websites anymore when you can download to your computer and install the Price Detect add-on which has all the features of the best price comparison websites, plus more. When shopping for a product or service online, Price Detect will sift through thousands of websites instantaneously and provide you the most relevant information about your search, including the best price. And only information relevant to your search will be displayed so you don't get extraneous data that you find useless.
Beyond the best price, Price Detect will also rate the various retailers that offer the product or service you are searching so you can choose the most secure and reputable seller. It will also provide information about related products; and it will give you money-saving coupons when they are available. If you want to read reviews from other consumers who have purchased the product or want to know how they feel about the retailer, Price Detect gives you that information, too. All of the features are provided for free when you download Price Detect and install it on your computer. Comparison shopping has never been as fast or as easy; and it's accessible for all kinds of users.
Price Detect works on all major browsers (both Windows and Mac) giving you all the its advantages no matter which operating system or preferred Internet browser you use. What's most amazing is that Price Detect provides all of this detailed information in less than two seconds, thanks to its advanced technology and smart algorithms.

Last updated 10 Mar 2013