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Because the same product can be cheaper in another country, PriceitBuy (PIB) is an individual to ... More

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Published 6 Feb 2013

Your local Main Street retailer isn't going to like hearing this but there are an awful lot of items that can be bought at much cheaper prices in other countries rather than at your local shopping complex. And while it may not be particularly good for the local economy, if you spent a bit of time shopping around online you can probably find your item at a better price in a store in a different country. The problem is, do you get hold of your item after you've found it? PriceItBuy takes your online shopping social by connecting you with a network of shoppers all around the world. Find the best price for the item you want by identifying PIB users in that country and get them to inform you when they find the best price. If it sounds good, get your PIBer community member to pick it up and ship it to you.
The fact is, the way we shop is changing at a rapid rate in the 21st Century. It is said that some products can be available in a different country for around half the price of your local retailer. Because of this anomaly, PriceItBuy has created a social community that may well change our buying habits forever. It's an individual to individual community that allows your network friends to identify the product that you want, compare prices and pick it up and ship it to you. PriceItBuy allows you to...