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Published 6 Feb 2013

[cont'd] search for the best prices and users on maps, to follow the products and be informed when the best price for your product is found. Not only can you find the best prices but, in true social network style, you can also follow and communicate with other PIB members and invite your Facebook friends to join up and get involved. When a PIB member (or PIBer) is looking for a specific product or service all they need to do is to take a picture of it, fill in the price and share the information. Then the PIBer is informed of the cheapest price currently available. When the PIBers community and Facebook friends are informed they can help find the best price. The PIBer will then contact them so they can pick it up and ship it.
It's a fact that, in many countries, certain products can be significantly cheaper than in others and PriceItBuy takes advantage of that. In a recent study for example, it was found that computer products in Australa were, on average, 34% more expensive than in the US and one particular Microsoft product was $9,000 (yes that does say thousand) more expensive than its US equivalent. Now I'm not suggesting that your PIBers community are going to shell out nine grand for you but there are many simpler products out there that could save you significant amounts. PriceItBuy is the first social network where you can share and compare prices...