Developer description

Pricely is a lightweight price comparison extension that doesn't bother you with intrusive ads and automatically finds the lowest price for you when shopping online. Pricely takes all the hassle out of shopping online by quietly sitting in your browser and automatically alerting you if it sees a better price somewhere else online.

The developers at Pricely were getting tired of wasting time finding the best prices for gifts during the holiday season and new there had to be a better way – with mountains of price data for any product available why were we still comparison shopping the hard way? They sought to streamline this process and make it much easier for online shoppers to find the lowest prices on millions of items and thus the Pricely Comparison Shopping Engine was born.
The Pricely Comparison Shopping Engine accesses price data from thousands of retailers on millions of unique products and unlike some of its competitors, is constantly serving fresh prices each time a search is made to ensure the users find the most accurate prices.

To make it even easier for users, the developers at Pricely have made browser extensions for both Firefox and Chrome which quietly check prices for you as you shop. The extensions detect if you are on a shopping page and compare the price you are about to pay with the millions of current product prices in our database and alert you when the product you are looking at can be found for less through Pricely’s Comparison Engine.

Last updated 22 Sep 2013

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