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“Keeping an eye on your competition, so customers keep an eye on you”
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Published 13 Nov 2011

There are quite a few companies these days that offer a discount if they can find their products advertised elsewhere at a cheaper price. This goes to show that even the biggest companies are not 100% confident that their price is the cheapest on the market. PriceMentor is a business and shopping tool with a price monitoring engine that allows you to instantly compare your prices to your competitors so you can always stay ahead of the game.
Wasn't it Plato that said “Keeping an eye on your competition, so customers keep an eye on you?" Or maybe it was Donald Trump. PriceMentor's Our Price Monitoring Engine was developed in-house and is the most advanced of it’s kind on the Internet and took over 3 full years to develop. PriceMenton is 100% accurate in comparing your products? The powerful search engine gets to know your competition’s website setup. Each website is different and each has a different signature to the way they present their data. The web crawler is fine tuned for each specific  site to guarantee that every item for sale is checked.

PriceMentor is kind of like having Choice magazine in your pocket and no one else but you gets a chance to look at it and compare your prices. It gives you complete visibility of all your competitors' products so you can adjust your prices accordingly. It enables you to be more informed to make those kinds of decisions. There is no doubt that the Internet enables the customer to find the cheapest price on the Internet with just a few clicks and it's important that your price is better than anyone else's. PriceMentor is a free shopping price comparison tool that could come in very useful.

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