Developer description

PriceSwarm is a smart, personal grocery assistant that learns your shopping habits then saves you time & money. After learning your shopping habits, PriceSwarm’s shopping wizard figures out what products you like, when you will need them and what they cost. Never forget an item or miss a great price again!

In order for PriceSwarm to learn your shopping habits, simply snap pictures of your grocery receipts from within the app. In addition to learning your shopping habits, when you snap receipts the app will track your spending to keep you on budget while extracting prices so that all PriceSwarmers can access up-to date unadvertised prices.

App Features

-Shopping Wizard: PriceSwarm’s shopping wizard figures out what products you like and when you will need them. Open up the Wizard before heading out or prior to checkout to ensure a complete shopping trip.

-Latest Deals: PriceSwarm tracks the latest deals from all local retailers and shows you the deals you care about.

-Unadvertised Prices: Search and find prices on over 300k products in your area, including unadvertised prices.

-Smart Shopping Lists: Create a shopping list in seconds and PriceSwarm figures out the best products for your taste and shows you the cost at several chains. Share the list with your friends and family to save time.

-Budget and Analytics: Track your spending, see where your grocery dollars are being spent, and access any shopping receipt anytime anywhere.

Last updated 11 Sep 2015

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