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Print Mosaic allows you to create mosaics from your photos on Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox. ... More

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Published 10 Aug 2012

I'm sure we are all guilty of trying to find very cool new ways of turning your profile photos into eye-popping visual masterpieces. Anything to amaze your friends and get a response out of them. Print Mosaic is an ultra cool looking photo app that has its origins in the hippy days of the sixties when there would be those amazing posters for sale that were made using a mosaic of other photographs to paint a bigger picture. This app personalizes the process to let you select a photo from your Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox account and then 'color' it with a plethora of photos from the same sources. And it looks amazing.
Print Mosaic is a new photo app developed by French filmmaker Guillame Fredin that allows you to create mosaics from your photos on Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox. It's aim is to open up your social networking digital photos and unleash them onto the world in the form of fantastic looking mosaics. You can embed them into your website with a built in magnifier so that your friends can view each individual photograph in detail or even buy yourself a high resolution digital copy or a poster. You can create your mosaic in minutes after signing in through your Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox account and choosing the main photo and individual photos to make upthe mosaic. While there are similar apps like CanvasPop and StaticPixels around, we are racking our brains to find one that offers unique mosaics which are completely different each time you create. You can embed a digital version anywhere on the web for free by just copying and pasting a small piece of code or, if you are based in Europe, you can order an 80 x 60 cm print for €39.95. For the rest of us there is the option of a super high-resolution digital version (12,000 x 9,000 pixels) which you can have  printed yourself for €9.95.
I always wanted to buy one of those mosaic posters from the sixties but it was, more specifically, one featuring some buxom babe with hundreds of beach babe mosaic photos...or was that a dream? PrintMosaic is a completely unique and free photo app that let's you live the dream but by using your own photographs and the possibilities are endless. It's the perfect thing for your Facebook profile picture or for making a special present for ones that you love and care for. Imagine their faces as you tell them to click on their own image only to find that it is made up of hundreds more photos. A very unique photo app.

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