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Censor your photos before you send them and dont get Weinerized

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In today's society especially with respect to Generation Y and the iGeneration mobile devices ... More

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Published 25 Oct 2012

There's a certain disgraced ex politician named Anthony Weiner who would probably still have his job if he had an application like Private ME on his iPhone. You might remember that Mr Weiner shared some rather racy photos with about 40,000 of his supporters last year. Now, if he had this photo self censoring application on his mobile he could have sent his pictures with his face obscured which might have protected both  his dignity and his privacy. Now, that wasn't the only mistake Mr Weiner made that night and Private ME would have helped him there, too, because this app also contains another tool that prevents photos being sent by accident.
It seems that pretty well everyone has a mobile phone these days and many of them, of course, are fitted with cameras. It's just so easy to snap off a quick photo and send it off to your friends. But in today's society,  and especially with the younger users that could be called Generation Y and the iGeneration, sexting has become rather a fad over the last few years. For those not sure of sexting (and that doesn't include Mr Weiner, unfortunately ) it is the sending of sexually explicit photos to 'friends' and partners. Most mobile devices are equipped with GPS, SMS, Email, browsers and social networking applications. While all of these features keep the user connected to the rest of the world, it does come at a price and...