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Published 18 Apr 2012

If you are a private music teacher I would hazard a guess that you didn't get into it because you wanted to spend hours on behind the scenes paperwork. What you really want to do is to get on with turning your students into great musicians rather than preparing bills and keeping track of lesson times. Privio is a free invoicing and management application for music teachers and students that provides billing and time management tools to take you away from paperwork and let's you concentrate on improving your students' capabilities.
Privio is a music management app that provides private music studio management and manages to makes it seem easy and takes the pain out of running a teaching business. It provides private music teachers with billing, student and time management tools that help them save time and effort and focus on what they do best - teach. It means that you don't have to spend hours every month preparing bills for your students because you can use Privio's flexible billing system to do it in minutes. You can bill in advance or arrears by flat fee or per lesson. Create multiple billing profiles per student to handle any kind of billing policy. Finally, keep track of lesson times and recitals with Privio's easy to use calendar system. Drag-and-drop editing makes changing your schedule a breeze. Privio can even automatically email your students to remind them of calendar events.
Privio's mission is to help good teachers become good businesspeople. The app is in it's early stages right now and pretty soon it will add a tool to accept online payments through Pay Pal which will enable you to take credit card payments online and avoid those annoying trips to the bank - if you can find one these days, that is. At the moment there is a free 45 day tryout offer and very affordable no contract fees when you sign up. Privio offers a lot of benefits for the music teacher but the simple billing option will be the thing that really saves you time and leave you free for your students and the quest for the new Sinatra.

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