Developer description

The perfect tool for real estate agents - A working tool on your iPad for real estate agents and professionals, available on the Apple Store. Exclusively created for real estate agents, this application allows you to enter all the information necessary for managing and implementing commercial real estate. If you are a real estate agent, imagine your daily work where you only need an iPad. With this app you can access to your real estate portfolio, contacts, negotiations, property characteristics, business statistics, etc. and show it to your clients and colleagues. If you are showing a property to a client, you can check the property features and show photos, characteristics and location of similar properties to help him to decide. Give a boost to your professional performance with this application available for your iPad, easy to handle, very intuitive, with strong image and complete information about all the business execution. Go to the Apple Store today and learn all about the capabilities, interactivity and productivity that this application can offer you, so that you can improve your professional performance. Pro Real Estate App features: • Real Estate Base - Registration of all technical and commercial information for each property: General Information - Confidential Information - Property Images – Location Register - Business Situation. • Contacts - Information and registration of customer data: Owners - Investors - Tenants - Landlords. All personal information is linked to buildings and data from each client. • Calendar - Registration and control of all business: Memo Calls - Appointments - Visits - Raisings - Signing contracts - Tasks - Scales, etc • Negotiation - Registration of the evolution of all business operations in progress: Trading Amounts - Fees - Financial Terms - Documentary Information – Business Registration Time. • Portfolio - the main instrument of research for commercial services: Access to Property Portfolio - Technical and General Information of each product - Access to Property Location - Contact Information. • Dashboard - Overview of all business results: Ac * Easy to use * Offline info and portfolio * Exclusively created for real estate agents * Property characteristics and photos * Calendar and contacts If you are a real estate agent, imagine your daily work where you only need an iPad

Last updated 17 Mar 2012