Developer description

ProcessMate BPM is dedicated to business managers who want to take control of their business processes quickly. Comparing to traditional BPM approach which requires a lot of efforts and special expertise for business analysis and software configuration, ProcessMate’s customers can start tracking, collaborating and optimizing the processes within a few minutes, thanks to our new “Measure-first”
concept. It offers a significant benefit for business managers who simply need to tame their processes without complications related to IT procurement and implementation, and requires no expert skills.

It will solve your two major problems:

* Improve efficiency of your human-driven processes by establishing a collaboration platform, allowing share process information (such as documents, messages), etc and track milestones

* Will give you an insight on your processes, provide dashboards and reports that will help you pin-point inefficiencies and transform your business

Please sign up for our demo, it's user-friendly, intuitive and free.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015