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Simplify, manage and organize your business purchases and end the paper chase

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Published 2 Jul 2014

[cont'd] purchasing orders in seconds, file your expenses when and where you want and upload and never lose receipts. The app also offers powerful analytic tools that give you full visibility into your entire spending process and delivers real-time data and reporting while monitoring and tracking your orders. It even let's you measure the individual performances of each of your departments.
Porcurify is a stand alone, cloud-based purchasing management application that makes a grand attempt at creating the paperless office that we've all been talking about for so long. But that’s not the end of it. It's also doing its bit to try to keep your purchasing budget in order. The app easily integrates with any accounting software that your organization may currently use and can be implemented into your business within a week. It is a convenient and effortless platform that lets you know exactly what's happening with your business spending and you'll be able to receive and approve requests wherever you are in real-time. Porcurify makes your ordering process simpler, accurate and more efficient and avoids duplicating purchasing orders. With this app you can plan your projects, stay on budget and always know how much you have left in the kitty.