Developer description

This program helps you to enter your products or services data and then monitor all sales daily or monthly and annual and saved.

Do you have a product or service for sale?
Do you suffer from the sales process monitoring and collected and reviewed?
Do you wish to have an intelligent program calculates income smoothly and easily?

Do not worry if you install Products app its will facilitate the process, you will be the preferred choice to follow your accounts meticulously.

Why Products App?
Because it helps you to add all the products or services they sell and determine the prices for them and determine the percentage of the costs or the partner to get the result of net profit.

Sections of the application:
Products section of which is to add and modify the product and enter the number of units sold and collected and saved income Department
Income section which you can review all recorded sales and the collection of sales and any dates you want to share.
settings Section

A modification in the form of a special program and tools
Including the theme (you can choose the right color for your character)
Protection program put a password
And many others

Features of the App :
1. The interface is easy and simple to use.
2. synchronize data with iCloud
3. Post and send income data with several programs
4. Print income data via AirPrint
5. Choose between Multi-Language
6. theme (six different colors determined from the user)
7. Protection program with a password.

Last updated 5 Jan 2015