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Published 31 Mar 2014

While we rely on the Internet for so many different things, one of its downfalls is, without a doubt, it's inability to show its personal side - especially in the hiring of professionals to do a particular job. This is particularly evident in business where facts and figures may tell one story but fail to take into account the compatibility factor, amongst other things. In truth, no matter how many ways we professionals try to sell ourselves online, there is absolutely nothing that has the effect of a word-of-mouth recommendation. ProfectMarket is a new marketplace for business and individuals that uses crowd sourcing to find the best professionals for a specific job. And, while it doesn't claim to be an employment office for permanent job seekers, it can be a more reliable way of securing the best candidate for a project that is based on exceptional prior performance. It uses third party, personal recommendations to ensure you find the right lawyer, doctor, engineer, web designer, accountant or technical expert to fit the position you are looking to fill.
ProfectMarket was developed using a unique approach that tries to solve a problem that has plagued the business world for years. The fact is, hiring services online is a judgment call and can't be measured the same way as purchasing material goods. The level of service depends on both the skill level of the professional and the collusion between a particular project's specifications and the expertise of the...