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Published 31 Mar 2014

[cont'd] individuals involved. ProfectMarket goes some way to addressing this by using word-of-mouth and the wisdom of the crowd to help prospective clients find the best professionals for the job. It's aim is to become a vibrant and open market for professional services where the best performing professionals will be rewarded for their exceptional performance. Here's how it works. First up, exceptional professionals - maybe you are an attorney, doctor, engineer, consultant or another service provider who is considered an expert in a particular field - are encouraged to sign up and create a professional profile in order to find new work with new clients. Businesses and individuals who are in need of professional services are then encouraged to create projects. You can beef up your profile by encouraging past clients and peers to recommend you for projects. Whether you are in need of a helpful lawyer, a reliable accountant, an honest financier or a software developer to help build your product, just post it on the online marketplace and let the community of recommenders help you select the best expert to help you, completely free. Alternately, if you have ever hired or worked with an outstanding professional firm or individual, you can recommend them for a project on the online marketplace.
ProfectMarket isnt a job market as such. It will be more useful when used by businesses owners and other independent professionals to find people to work on specific projects with clients. Ahh, I hear you say...