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Published 31 Mar 2014

[cont'd] Doesn't this system leave the app open to collusion? After all, what's to stop a few friends recommending a particular person or service and tipping the books a little with some kind words? Well, to ensure that there isn't any untoward behavior, accurate and useful recommenders are incentivized with bitcoins for the best recommendations while inaccurate and unreliable ones are penalized. Rather than simply delivering verbal endorsements, recommendations are made using both a 100-point grading scale and an hourly value ratings system. ProfectMarket offers a new, intelligent approach to encourage the best and most qualified professionals for the project you are working on. It does this by harnessing the wisdom of the crowd and manages to supercharge the traditional, trusted personal word-of-mouth referral method to find highly skilled service providers. What's more, this excellent service won't cost you a cent.