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Programr is the worlds first online computer lab for programmers.
At Programr, programmers can ... More

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Published 31 Oct 2011

So much of a pilot's training these days is done through flight simulators. How will a novice pilot know how to react if something goes wrong than by putting them through the worst case scenario situation of a plane crash. Programr is virtually a flight simulator for computer programmers. It's the world's very first online learning social computer laboratory for the computer programmer.

At Programr, programmers can practice programming in any language right into their browser. Programr is an education tool that empowers students to learn and master programming by creating and sharing projects online and provides the platform for a revolutionary way to get engaged and sharpen their programming skills by coding, sharing and learning from others' work online. Students can create, code, compile and run projects right in the browser in almost any language. Supported lanaguages & platforms include Java, C++ C#, Objective-C, PHP, Flash, Flex and J2EE. Programr also provides paid programming courses for students who want to learn a technology from scratch online. Programr also helps computer institutes to get rid of their expensive physical labs and replace them totally by a cloud solution resulting in big cost savings for the institute as well as 24×7 anywhere lab access for the students. Programr is a great tool for teachers & trainers too, as they can create and share projects for their students to study, run and enhance online.

How else can you hone your programming skills unless you are thrown in at the deep end to solve a problem. Programr provides all the skills needed to make you a better programmmer. This education tool really earns it's dollars by running you through the whole gamut of technicalities in the programming field. Programr is an easy to use application packed with the right tools to educate you to new heights of programming.

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