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Published 14 Oct 2011

A good team is a team that works together and the ability to collaborate seamlessly on a client project will ensure a team hits targets and reaches goals.

Projectbubble offers an app that brings this capability plus more in a simple to use solution that allows team members to pool resources and knowledge, manage clients and track time accurately. Collaboration doesn’t stop with the team ether and clients can also be brought into the loop to discuss on-going issues and updates.

When setting up a project members can be added and given access levels and permissions within the system. When any work begins the time tracker acts as a stopwatch within the system and start and stop buttons ensure that worked hours are recorded on to timesheets that can easily be pulled to create invoices. These invoices can then be emailed as a PDF to clients with a link enabling them to settle via PayPal.

Any recurring bills on a client’s account can be automated too meaning another task that needed a weekly or monthly reminder can be assigned to the bin.

From the clear and user friendly dashboard access to all areas of the app is easy to navigate and clicking on the client tab will bring up a simple CRM feature which I think adds good value to Projectbubble. All of the useful contact and project information can be stored here along with invoice details and any notes and email conversations pertinent to a particular project.

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