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Project Mountain is web-based, minimalistic project management for small companies who need an ... More

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Published 4 Dec 2012

We've reviewed plenty of project management applications in the past and many of them are very impressive. Bitrix24 and MYCO Suite come to mind immediately. However, the main problem for the small business is that they have so many features that you will never need and they are quite cumbersome and tricky to get your head around. Project Mountain is an elegant and simple to use minimalist project management app that is geared specifically towards the small business. It simplifies projects and allows you to manage 'on-the-go' and move forward quickly with your company goals.
Project Mountain is a web-based, minimalistic project management for small companies who need an elegant way to organize their projects, plan ahead, stay connected and move forward with their goals. It was designed to make it easier on the user to manage multiple projects in a meaningful way. Rather than creating a feature packed package, the developers decided to build a management application that only featured the necessary components to get the management part of project management done and out of the way, leaving more time to actually get things done and work on the things that increase your bottom line. Project Mountain makes scheduling and planning easy with its interactive gantt charts, comprehensive time tracking and detailed reports to find out where your time and money is being spent. What's more, you can update from wherever you are and whenever you want. With unlimited projects at your disposal you can view...