Developer description

We're a bit like HootSuite or Mention, but in reverse.
Instead of alerting you every time someone mentions your brand's name on Twitter and Facebook, Project Pingback lets you know when someone's looking to buy a product that you offer.

If you sell web hosting, our algorithm will find social media posts by people who've stated they want to buy web hosting.

You can then go to those posts and pitch your product directly to the potential customer - who didn't even know you existed until you reached out to him or her.

With our focus on forums, we plan to take companies out of what we call the "social crust." HootSuite focuses almost entirely on Twitter and many media monitoring apps don't look outside Twitter and Facebook.
By gathering millions of forum posts, we're taking companies into the deeper social web, which is almost entirely untapped in the way Twitter and Facebook are.

As a result, Project Pingback makes the producer-consumer relationship more intimate.
Instead of relying on rigid advertising, companies can now engage in meaningful conversations with potential customers.
You can offer special discounts, deals, and other features directly to potential customers.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015