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Providing easy and intuitive project management & collaboration software, Projecturf helps thousands of businesses deliver projects on time and under budget. Projecturf makes it simple for companies to reduce waste, save time, increase employee productivity and satisfaction, and always stay connected.

Projecturf is a full screen app that has less visual noise; meaning, the interface is cleaner than most apps. The navigation is on the left, making it very easy to get around fast. It's quick and easy to set up new projects and to organize them - just created folders and drag your projects into them; simple as that. This type of organization is definitely nice to have when managing lots of projects. The dashboard section is a great place to get a quick overview of what you have to do today, what is late, and what is coming up.

So what separates Projecturf from the other project and task apps on the market? The focus is not only on project management, but also on getting things done quickly using a variety of tools. It all starts with getting stuff into Projecturf. Adding tasks or anything else is a breeze. You can simply type anything in the form at the top of the screen and hit enter. Once something is entered, there are lots of additional details that can be added later using the sidebar, which is a panel with all the important essentials such as assignees, notes, full history for that item, attachments, and conversations (just like Instant Messages). Just click on the item and side panel opens on the right of the screen. This keeps your screen very clean and focused on working, but also gives you the ability to add tons of details and supporting documents to anything. With this method you can add in a bunch of tasks that are in your head virtually instantly, without stopping to fill in extra details (and thus losing your train of thought)!

You can immediately tell that Projecturf was built with collaboration in mind. The instant in-app notifications let you see what’s happening at all times on your projects. Clicking on a notification takes you directly to that item where you can find out more and collaborate on it by adding your comments or making notes for other users to see. Everything in the Projecturf is well pieced together and flows nicely. Once you start working in Projecturf, you end up using it all day long in conjunction with your email.

You can also use the different “views.” You can click the icons at the top of the screen to quickly toggle between list, calendar, Gantt, and group views (this is in Tasks, for example). This is a lot of flexibility for a project management app.

All users can add personal tasks, events, contacts, and notes regardless of if they are on project teams or not. Some additional enhancements include a full-fledged ticketing system, integration with Google Drive and Dropbox (this is REALLY convenient!), multilingual, and multiple workspaces (single sign-on).

Last updated 30 Oct 2013

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