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PromiseUP is a mobile application for iPhone, which gives one an opportunity to bet one’s ... More

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Published 29 Jan 2013

While an app like PromiseUP is basically a bit of fun, there is also an element of philanthropic betterment about it too. It's said that the world would be a better place if people actually stuck to the things they say and the promises they make. This is an app where you can challenge your friends to lay their money and reputation on the line and stick to something they have promised to do. With PromiseUP you can finally call that friend on the boasts that they have been making or you can challenge them to achieve something that you think would improve their life - like losing weight or giving up smoking, for example.
PromiseUP is a mobile application for iPhone which gives one the opportunity to either bet one’s friends to keep their promises to you or to dare them to keep a promise that you challenge them to. You can have a bit of fun with them and bet them to do fun and cool activities or something more meaningful like weight loss or learning to drive. You can give them PromiseUP dollars if they keep the promises they make or make them pay up if they break the promises they make. When you sign up you are given a theoretical thousand UP dollars to bet and pledge with. Choose a friend that you want to offer an UP wager with and send them a promise you think they should make. Set its value in UP$ as well as the time limit they have to achieve it. They can either accept or decline the promise. When the time is up you can see if your friend kept their promise. If they did, they win the UP$ wagered from you. If they didn’t… you win UP$ from them with a portion going to PromiseUP so that they can keep UP the good work. You can also use the app as a motivational tool to yourself and take a promise yourself to encourage you to move forward in your life. It could just be that letter that you have been promising to send for a while or something more serious like how long you can hold out before attacking that bottle of Southern Comfort sitting in the drinks cabinet. Do what you say or else you will pay!
The developers of PromiseUp created this application because they believe that there are three simple things can make any person happy in their existence. The ability to constantly deal with problems and keep moving forward, to always be honest and to have a joyous life. But it also serves a purpose in calling out those friends who tend to bullshit a bit. Finally, you have a fun way of telling them to either put up or shut up and they won't hold it against you for months to come. So, this easy to use and fun iOS app is a dual purpose and entertaining download for your iPhone or iPad that could either be a nice little time waster or a way for both you and them to address their demons and move forward in life.

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