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Editor's review

Published 23 Jul 2020

There are many lessons that we can learn from this pandemic in the business world. Probably the most significant will be that many of us will have to adjust our business model to suit the situation that we are in. We will need to become sleeker, smarter and more efficient in the way we manage our businesses. Real estate and property management is one of the businesses that has been badly affected. Owners and tenants have been hit hard over the last few months. Many properties lay empty as tenants find they can't afford to pay their rent and many landlords have been forced to drop their prices to hold onto their tenants. Life is tough all round. 

So maybe now is the time for property management companies to reassess the way they conduct their business. Rather than having multiple software programmes and apps to keep a track of everything that needs to be done, maybe there's one app that does everything for you. Well, I'm pleased to tell you that there is. PropertyMe Manager is a new comprehensive real estate app for Android and iOS that makes it so much easier to manage your property portfolio no matter whether you are in the office or out on the road. It's designed by actual property managers and creates an elite system that makes it easy to have all the data that you need in the palm of your smartphone hand. 

You can view all your rental and for sale properties, your contacts, complete owner and tenant details and other important documents wherever you are, making it simple to conduct inspections, to authorise, track and edit jobs, send messages, contact suppliers and much, much more - all from your mobile. As a job changes status, automatic messages and notifications are triggered to tenants, owners and suppliers and these can be previewed and approved quite simply before sending. Each property can be customised with notes and photos - along with any actions that you may take -  with all info synchronised to your PropertyMe account in the cloud and accessible from all your connected devices. The easy to navigate dashboard delivers a real time summary of everything that needs to get done including repairs and inspections. 

But wait, there's more...all your property accounting is here as well. PropertyMe keeps your banking, bills and invoices in line and on track with management and sales trust accounting including receipting, reconciling and bulk disbursement also at your fingertips. If you need to create and send personalised emails, SMS messages or letters you can use any of the templates which can then be automatically sent out using customisable triggers if you wish. Owners aren't left out of the equation either. They have complete access to everything from property information, financial activity, historical statements and more whenever they need it without the need to call you. 

PropertyMe Manager is Australia's largest and most complete set of cloud property management tools all from the one platform so you won't have to constantly flip from one app to another. The app gives you a complete overview in real time of rent arrears, reconciliation, vacancies, jobs, inspections and plenty more. So, what's this all encompassing property management app going to cost you, I can hear you ask? Surely it's going to be a lot. Well, there are a couple of different pricing plans starting off at just $110 per month + GST for the core plan going up to $275 + GST for the pro version for up to 100 properties. You can request a free trial and a demo to see if it suits your business. PropertyMe Manager is available now for Android or iOS from the usual app stores. 

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