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Developer description

ProProfs Knowledge Base is a powerful online knowledge management software that empowers HRs, trainers and top management of a company to manage employee and organizational knowledge. With support for over 90+ languages, ProProfs Knowledge Base allows businesses to easily retain and share knowledge with employees by uploading company documents and files to a central location. HRs can easily share company policies and procedures with new hires and quickly orient them to the company’s culture via a private intra-company knowledgebase. Trainers can also use the knolwedgebase to share articles, videos and know-hows with employees to facilitate training.

Additionally, companies can create and embed a highly-searchable online FAQ to their websites, which helps their customers quickly find answers to their questions. As a result, companies can effectively and quickly resolve customer queries and reduce tickets. Companies can easily import and export articles, files, documents to the knowledgebase and brand it with their colors, fonts and logos. ProProfs Knowledge Base is also fully compatible with multiple devices and browsers, which makes it possible for users to access it from anywhere and at anytime. It is the ideal solution for companies looking to effectively exchange knowledge with customers and gain a competitive edge in their business.

ProProfs Knowledge Base Features:

Create an embeddable online FAQ
Create a private intra-company knowledgebase
Create knowledgebase in 90+ languages
Get detailed reports & analytics
Seamlessly export and import files
Upload videos, documents, PDFs and more
Brand with company logo and colors
Get access control and privacy settings
Access knowledgebase from any mobile device

Last updated 12 Jan 2014